Eriab Kiiza, Managing Director Yunus Social Business Uganda speaking during the launch of the PURIFAAYA Ceramic Water Filter

Spouts of Water, Partners Invest SHS 2BN to bring Access to Clean Water to millions of Ugandans

NAKAWUKA, WAKISO – Water may be one of the basic essentials of life, but access to clean drinking water remains a challenge for countless Ugandans. Pollution and rampant scarcity of this precious resource, coupled with expensive purification systems, makes safe drinking water difficult to avail.

But a new cost-effective solution, PURIFAAYA Ceramic Water Filter, launched today in Nakawuka, Wakiso District promises to make drinking water available to everyone.

“Up to 10 million Ugandans live without safe water and up to 75% of diseases such as diarrhea which affect them, are caused by a lack of clean water and proper sanitation. Statistics further indicate that more than 15 million people don’t treat water, which is 53% of Uganda’s population,” said Ms Kathy Ku, co-founder, Spouts of Water, the company behind Purifaaya Ceramic Water filters.

“We are pleased to announce that Spouts of Water has introduced a cost-effective solution, PURIFAAYA Ceramic Water Filter, to make clean drinking water available to a broader audience in Uganda,” added Ms. Ku, who together with Mr. John Kye started the company while at Harvard University following a visit to Uganda.

PURIFAAYA is a ceramic water filter made using local materials, to provide an affordable, effective, and easy-to-use solution to water access in Uganda. It also creates employment opportunities for youth. “Together with our partners, we have invested shs2 billion to make this investment a worthwhile venture for the population in Uganda,” she said.

Dr. Ian Clarke, the chairman International Medical Group, who officiated at the launch of the product, commended Spouts of Water, Yunus Social Business, and partners for the innovative low-cost water filter. “Such innovations are what Uganda needs to reduce the national disease burden and guarantee a healthy population. I am confident that thousands of Ugandans will liver healthier lives because it will now be more affordable for them to access clean drinking water,” Dr. Clarke remarked.

Eriab Kiiza, Managing Director, Yunus Social Business Uganda while speaking during the launch said,

“We call upon individual and institutional investors to prioritize investment opportunities in companies with a social mission at its core. This is because they solve a specific problem to the benefit of the poor and the disadvantaged members of society.”

Since its pilot launch two years ago, Spout of Water has sold over 13,000 units primarily among poor families, NGOs, schools, and refugee camps. The company is optimistic that with the right support this initiative will ensure that everyone has clean water to drink.

The initiative has been supported by Yunus Social Business, USAID, Shell Foundation, Cartier Foundation, Clarke Group (International Hospital Kampala) and Harvard University.