This is a CALL FOR APPLICATIONS to join our Investment Readiness Program

  • Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to expand your business?
    • Do you run a growing socially impactful business?
    • Has it been in existence for two or more years?
    • Is it focused on any of the following sub-sectors; Agri-business, renewable energy, education or water and sanitation?
    • Have you earned revenues equivalent to or over USD 100,000 over the last two fiscal years?
  • Are you looking for flexible repayment financing in the range of USD 100,000 and 500,000 to scale up or replicate your business?

If your answer to ALL these questions is “yes”, then this investment readiness program is for you.

Yunus Social Business (YSB) Uganda is seeking for applications from entrepreneurs keen to join investment readiness program for 2018. The program offers entrepreneurial support designed to strengthen small and growing social businesses to become business leaders. We provide:

  • Training and mentorship sessions for participants delivered by both local and international experts. Our experts work with the entrepreneurs with the aim of enhancing your business model, to enable you to become more financially viable.
  • Sharing opportunities and creating links for connections to other relevant business resources, including opportunities for financing.
  • Accessing to repayment financing in the range of USD 100,000 and 500,000 that can enable you to scale up or replicate your business.

YSB Uganda is welcoming applications from ELIGIBLE businesses that are especially keen to enhance their business operations and qualify for possible debt financing. The deadline for receiving applications for the current window is 1st November 2018.

Selected participants will be required to pay a fee of 500,000 UGX per organisation, each selected organisation should send 2 representatives to the program.

Before you apply, we welcome you to learn more about what you should expect.


·         Social impact:

A big idea translated into a tangible solution that has the potential to improve millions of lives.

·         You and your team:

Experienced entrepreneurs with drive and natural leadership skills, a team with the skills and experience to drive your social business forward.

·         Business model:

A solid business model with a minimum of 2 years success, a market opportunity that is under served and a product or service that benefits the poorest communities, improves incomes and/or mitigates climate change.

·         Potential:

An easily scalable business with clear application across regions and countries that’s highly innovative or unique.


Becoming Investment Ready:

If your business is ready for scaling, that is, it has been operating for not less than two years, you are eligible to join our Investment Readiness Program. During the program, you and your team shall be equipped with skills on how to strengthen your business model, enhance skills on measuring your social impact among other key business skills. You shall also have an opportunity to refine your business plan with a team of expert coaches, mentors and facilitators. Social businesses that successfully graduate from our Investment Readiness Programs are then invited to apply for investment.

Scale Up Business and Social Impact with Each Investment:

If your business has a reasonable number of customers, has revenues equivalent to or over USD 100,000 over the last two fiscal years and is generating social impact, and are looking for scale up financing, but feel you may not need to join the Investment Readiness program, we encourage you to contact our Investment Manager. He will work with you to explore all opportunities of how our investment can help your business expand its operation and continue to scale up your social impact.

We have a strong interest in already existing businesses that are sustainable and are creating compelling social impact. So, if yours is one of such businesses, we welcome you to either:

  1. Contact Our Investment Manager directly to commence your investment process or,
  2. Apply to join the Investment Readiness Program to strengthen your business, and position it better for potential investment
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