About Us

Yunus Social Business Uganda began its operations in 2013 as a pilot program with the African Development Bank devoted to promoting and creating an environment within which social businesses can thrive in Uganda. It welcomed its first team members, a National Coordinator and a Social Business Consultant in the second half of 2013.

Social Business Pipeline

The first information workshop with social business entrepreneurs was held in the fourth quarter of 2013, and was attended by about 30 potential social business entrepreneurs. Out of these, 14 social businesses entered the investment due-diligence process.

Establishing a Presence in Uganda

In July 2013 a national conference and workshop on social business was held in Kampala, which was attended by over 180 participants. YSB-UGANDA Uganda continues to increase social business visibility through engagement with various partners, including the government, the private sector, and development partners.

Yunus Social Business Uganda works with